Is rice gluten free?

Is rice gluten free? There are many questions related to rice and gluten: “Is basmati rice gluten free?“, “Is jasmine gluten free?”,  and the same questions about brown rice, wild rice, red rice, exotic rice, and etc. The simple answer for natural plain rice (and all of its types ) is YES. Rice is a gluten free grain and is one of the most popular gluten free alternatives to wheat. But you have to be aware of gluten cross-contamination and some types of flavored and enriched rice mixes.

Is rice gluten free? Is basmati rice gluten free? Cross-contamination possibilities.

As we mention above plain rice is a gluten free grain. So the general answer of the question “Is rice gluten free?” is YES. Actually it is one of the most popular gluten free grains. Basmati, Jasmine and Brown rice are delicious parts of many recipes for a gluten free diet and healthy eating.

But if you have coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity, you have to know that gluten cross-contamination is a serious problem that can occur. All type of rice (basmati, jasmine, exotic rice, wild rice, etc.) are naturally gluten free, but in some manufacturer facilities and other situations, rice can come into contact with gluten.

When cross-contamination is posible? Being careful when buying products is a must for those with coeliac disease and especially for people who are sensitive to trace gluten. Here are same of the places and situations where rice can be contaminated with gluten:

  • In manufacturers facilities that process gluten containing grains (wheat, rye, barley).
    On the label, manufacturers have to say if their rice has been prepared in a plant that processed grains containing gluten. Look carefully at manufacturer statements. Also, there are many certified gluten free rice brands, that are a safe option.
  • In grocer’s that offer grains in bulk bins. There is a possibility for rice to be contaminated with wheat or other grains containing gluten. To be sure, just avoid buying rice in bulk bins.

Is flavored rice mix gluten free? Flavored and enriched rice mixes often have added ingredients that contain gluten. Fortunately, on the market there are a good range of brands that offers certified gluten free flavored rice mixes.

Questions like : “Is rice gluten free?”, “Is buckwheat gluten free?“, “Is millet gluten free?” and etc. are very important for  those with gluten-related conditions and diseases. Celiac Support Association has a grains and flours glossary guide which provides a long list of grains that are consistent with a gluten-free diet. Following this guide is a great basic for a successful gluten free diet.

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