Is olive oil gluten free?

Is olive oil gluten free? Is canola oil gluten free? Yes. Pure / plain olive oil and canola oil do not contain gluten. A wide range of pure cooking oils are gluten free –  soybean, coconut, safflower, sunflower, vegetable, grapeseed, sesame, extra virgin olive oil, and etc. But despite that, you have to always read the labels! There are a lot of variety of flavored oils on the market, so be careful. If you have coeliac disease, reading labels is a must.

Is olive oil gluten free? Is canola oil gluten free?

You know that olive oil is made by olives. They have nothing to do with gluten. So, as we mentioned above the answer of the question “Is olive oil gluten free?” is simple YES for plain and pure olive oil. If you have doubts, contact the manufacturer and ask him about the ingredients or about the facility (to be sure that there isn’t possibility for cross-contamination with gluten).

Nowadays, the market provides a really wide range of healthy and delicious gluten free cooking oils and many of them are offered from certified gluten free brands. They are a basic for many delicious gluten free recepies for meals, cookies, desserts, muffins, breads, and etc.

Here are some of the most popular gluten free pure cooking oils:

  • Olive oil;
  • Canola oil;
  • Soybean oil;
  • Coconut oil;
  • Safflower oil;
  • Sunflower oil,
  • Vegetable oil,
  • Grapeseed oil;
  • Sesame oil and more.

If you are not sure what can be a source of gluten, Celiac Disease Foundation has a very useful post with a list of sources of gluten, that can be very helpful. Also if you are on a gluten free diet, here is a great guide to basic diet choices by Celiac Support Association.

Questions like “Is olive oil gluten free?”, “Is margarine gluten free?“, “Is rice gluten free?” are essential for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Never forget to read labels carefully!

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