Foods to avoid with ulcer

Foods to avoid with ulcerUlcer is like a small cut on the stomach or duodenum. Causes of stomach ulcers can be poor diet, irregular meals, eating very hot or spicy foods, stress, etc. Certain foods can irritate the ulcer. To feel better without pain, there are foods to avoid with ulcer.
Depending on the location of the ulcer, it is divided into: gastric ulcer (located on the stomach), duodenal ulcer (on the initial sections of the small intestine), esophageal ulcer (on esophagus).
Another cause of stomach ulcers is Helicobacter pylori – bacteria that settles in the stomach and eats away its lining. This type of stomach ulcer can be treated with antibiotics. But to be successful treatment, it is important to be followed an appropriate ulcer diet.
Which are foods to avoid with ulcer, that can irritate?

A list of foods to avoid with ulcer

For accurate and correct ulcer diet should consult your doctor. Here is a list of most common foods that can irritate the ulcer.

  • Spicy foods, such as chilies, hot peppers and hot sauce can increase stomach acid and trigger the ulcer.
  • Alcohol – excessive alcohol intake can enhance gastric mucosal injury.
  • Foods and beverages containing caffeine such as coffee, tea, chocolate can stimulate acid production and can cause indigestion.
  • Onion, garlic, radish pickles are also among the foods to avoid with ulcer.
  • Citrus juices
  • Smoking – violates the protective mechanisms of gastric mucosa and subsequent discharge of more stomach acid.
  • Sweets containing white sugar, jams, sweet, cakes.
  • Other foods to avoid with ulcer are white bread, pasta and sugar, trans fats found in processed foods.

Some people who have ulcers can consume any food without feeling discomfort. For many others people eating certain products can cause irritation and production of too much heartburn and burning.  There is no one correct ulcer diet for all with stomach problems. You should plan your meals so that contain products that you tolerate.

UMMC recommends as a part of ulcer diet to eat foods rich in fiber, especially from fruits and vegetable, foods containing flavonoids.

Attention: Before following any ulcer diet, consult your doctor.

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