Nitric oxide foods – Foods high in arginine

Nitric oxide foodsNitric oxide is a compound of nitrogen with oxygen. In the body, arginine changes into nitric oxide (NO). Foods high in arginine can increase nitric oxide naturally in the body, that is why some people call them nitric oxide foods.
Among the nitric oxide benefits are normalization of blood pressure, support brain function, provides extra power when exercising, gives density and volume of muscles, helps the body to reduce fatigue. High arginine foods are becoming increasingly popular in sports and fitness in recent years.
Arginine is an amino acids that the human body can not synthesize alone. This amino acid is consumed very quickly, because it is involved in many biochemical reactions in the body. That is why humans have to take arginine through foods.
Arginine is important in the metabolism of the muscles.  It helps maintain proper nitrogen balance, acting as a carrier for the transport and storage of nitrogen and promotes the excretion of excess nitrogen. Studies have shown that it also reduces the loss of nitrogen after operations and improves the functioning of lymph cells.
Foods high in arginine (nitric oxide foods) are important also because arginine helps regulate weight by facilitating the increase of muscle mass and reduction of subcutaneous fat. Arginine is involved in the regulation of various enzymes and hormones.

Which are foods high in arginine ?

Among the foods high in arginine (nitric oxide foods) are red and purple root vegetables, especially beets. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and celery also contain high levels of arginine and are one of the best nitric oxide foods. Legumes and soy products, apples, pomegranates, buckwheat, salmon, tuna, lobster, eggs yolks, chocolate, nuts, milk, cheese, seeds, oats are in the list of nitric oxide foods too.

Suffering from viral infections such as herpes should be careful with arginine and foods rich in arginine, as it stimulates the growth of certain viruses.

Attention: Before following any diet, consult your doctor.

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