Lactose free yogurt

Liddells lactose free yogurt

  • Liddells lactose free yogurtHigh in calcium and lactose free yogurt with no artificial colours. Deliciously thick and creamy with the goodness of dairy. The yogurt range includes:
  • Strawberry Yogurt – live active cultures to aid digestion, available in 4×140g, no preservatives.
  • Plain Yoghurt – live active cultures to aid digestion, available in 4×140g, no preservatives.
  • One of the Australia’s favourite lactose free yogurt brands.
  • Liddells lactose free dairy products are made from cow’s milk.
  • Great for people who love the taste of dairy and want its nutritional benefits, but prefer products that are lactose free.

Green Valley Organics lactose free yogurt

  • Green Valley Organics lactose free yogurtMade with real dairy, but lactose free yogurt.
  • Less added sugar than many yogurts.
  • Flourish is our probiotic combination of 10 live & active cultures
  • Organic yogurt with delicious taste.
  • Certified Humane.
  • Kosher certified and gluten free yogurt.
  • Not anly one of the lactose free yogurt brands, but also and organic yogurt .
  • Green Valley Organics is dedicated to producing the purest, best tasting milk for their lactose free yogurt, kefir, sour cream and cream cheese.

Lactofree yogurt

  • Lactofree yogurtMade from cows’ milk, the company’s yogurt has an enzyme added that breaks down the lactose, creating a delicious dairy treat without the digestive discomfort.
  • Nutritional benefits and great taste yogurts without the lactose.
  • Lactofree yogurt is available in strawberry and raspberry flavours.
  • One of the famous lactose free yogurt brands .
Liberte lactose free greek yogurt
  • Liberte lactose free greek yogurtFirst lactose free Liberté product.
  • Crafted using traditional Greek methods, the yogurt is strained according to the principles of old-time cheesecloth draining.
  • Fat free yogurt. No fat at all!
  • Lactose free Greek yogurt also contains twice the protein of any other regular yogurt.
  • An excellent source of energy and the perfect choice for a low-fat diet.
  • Yogurt contains no preservatives, no additives, no artificial coloring nor gelatine.
  • The company provides a wide range of dairy products.

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