Lactose free milk

Liddells lactose free milk

  • Liddells lactose free milkLactose free milk with the great taste and goodness of farm fresh cow’s milk. Milk products:
  • UHT Full Cream Milk – lactose free full cream milk has a delicious rich and creamy texture. No Preservatives. Naturally gluten free.
  • UHT Low Fat Milk – at 99% fat free it can help keep you looking good.High in calcium milk.
  • UHT Skim Milk – at 99.9% fat free it can help keep you looking good
  • UHT High Calcium Skim Milk – 60% more calcium than regular milk – 2 glasses provide your daily calcium intake. Added Vitamin D to aid the absorption of calcium – 2 glasses provides 26% of your RDI.
  • UHT 99% Fat Free Flavoured Milk
  • One of the trusted lactose free milk brands

Valio Eila lactose free milk

  • Valio Eila lactose free milkAward winning Valio Eila lactose free technology produces lactose free milk drinks proven to taste exactly like fresh milk – yet containing less than 0.01% lactose
  • Valio’s great tasting lactose free offering, combined with healthy, high protein, low carbohydrate properties, opens up a variety of product application possibilities.
  • One of the greatest lactose free milk brands

Lactacid lactose free milk

  • Lactacid lactose free milkLACTAID lactose free milk and dairy products are real dairy, just with a natural enzyme added called lactase.
  • LACTAID products can help people who have a sensitivity to lactose digest dairy products without stomach discomfort so they can enjoy the creamy, delicious taste of dairy that they love.
  • Simply delicious fat free milk. The same protein, vitamins, and calcium as regular milk, totally fat free and lactose free
  • One of the trusted lactose free milk brands
Lactofree lactose free yogurt
  • Lactofree lactose free yogurtMade from cows’ milk, the company’s yogurt has an enzyme added that breaks down the lactose, creating a delicious dairy treat without the digestive discomfort.
  • Nutritional benefits and great taste of our deliciously fruity yogurts just without the lactose
  • Lactose free yogurt is available in strawberry and raspberry flavours

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