Lactose free cheese list

Green Valley Organics lactose free cream cheese

  • Green Valley Organics lactose free cheeseLower in salt cheese wuth a thick creamy texture
  • Minimally-processed, real dairy cream cheese on a bagel
  • Lactose free cheese with no additives, fillers or gums
  • Certified kosher and gluten free
  • Organic cheese with no added sugar
  • Certified Humane
  • The company add an enzyme called lactase to organic cream, which converts the lactose into simple, easy-to-digest milk sugars
  • All of the company products are made with 100% fresh, Grade A, pasteurized, organic milk (no powdered milk is ever used) that comes from a family farm in Sonoma County, located about 50 miles north of San Francisco on the northern California coast.
  • Lactose free dairy products free of artificial coloring, preservatives, and stabilizers
  • One of the lactose free brands for digestive health

LACTAID Lowfat Cottage Cheese

  • LACTAID Lowfat Cottage CheeseLactose free cheese , easy to digest – a smooth, creamy source of protein
  • LACTAID dairy products help people with lactose intolerance enjoy healthy and delicious dairy foods
  • Lactose free dairy brand
  • Company’s products contain lactase, a natural enzyme that helps break down lactose – the sugar found in dairy foods like milk, ice cream or cheese – into two simple sugars (galactose and glucose) that are easily digested.
  • All company’s products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union
  • One of the the most trusted lactose free brands

Liddeles Lactose Free Cheese

  • Liddeles Lactose Free CheeseLactose free cheese products have the goodness and delicious taste of dairy
  • Lactose free cheese slices – easy to peel, natural cut cheese, no preservatives, suitable for vegetarians
  • Lactose free shredded cheese – naturally gluten free, easy to digest, source of calcium
  • Lactose free block cheese – available in block and shredded, naturally gluten free, easy to digest, source of  calcium
  • Lactose free cream cheese
  • One of the Australia’s favourite lactose free dairy brands 
Lactofree cheese range
  • Lactofree cheese rangeLactose free cheese range – perfect for cheesy pizza, classic sandwiches, creamy cheesecake, terrific toasties, and gorgeous jacket potatoes. Lactose free cheese products are:
  • Lactofree semi hard cheese is made from cows’ milk. Bacterial cultures are added to the milk to create acidity, aroma and flavour.
  • Lactofree soft white cheese – also made from cows’ milk. An enzyme is added during the cheese making process to break down the milk sugars into simpler forms that your body can absorb.
  • Lactofree mature cheddar cheese

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