Is soy milk lactose free?

Is soy milk lactose free / diary free ? Can I drink soy milk if I have lactose intolerance? The simple answer of these questions is yes. It is lactose and diary free milk. Here we will explain why and will give you more information about the production process of soy milk which is one of the most known alternatives and substitutes for cow’s milk.

Is soy milk lactose free / diary free ? Is it suitable for people with lactose intolerance?

Soy milk is one of the most popular lactose free and diary free milk that is a great alternative and substitute for cow’s milk. It is a common part of a lactose free diet for many people in USA and Europe. It is a valuable and traditional drink in many Asian countries like Japan and China.

Soy milk name in Chinese “doujiang” means “juice of soybeans”. It is produced by soybeans seeds. It mean that soy milk is naturally lactose free milk. So the answer of the question “Is soy milk lactose free ?” is obvious.

Like cow’s milk, soy milk has approximately 88.6% water content, but the soy milk has more protein. Moreover, soy milk contains less carbohydrates and less fats. Soy milk is much less caloric than cow milk, and is without cholesterol and lactose.

Soy milk is very nutrition and healthy drink that contains important vitamins and minerals for our body. It is a very valuable source of vitamin E and lecithin. It provides vitamins of B group, unsaturated fats, and prebiotic sugars.

What about the calcium? Naturally, soy milk do not contain calcium but many manufacturers often add calcium to help people with lactose intolerance meet their daily calcium needs.

On the market, soy milk is available in both natural and sweetened ( in different flavors / chocolate, vanilla and more) option. Buy soy milk only with guaranteed origin and quality, pay attention to the label on which must be mentioned shelf life and manufacturer. Keep soy milk according to package directions.

Soy milk is one of the most popular part of many diets such as : diary free, vegan, vegetarian and lactose free diet.

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