Is Rum gluten free ? Gluten free Rum brands.

Is rum gluten free ? Are there gluten free rum brands ? If you have Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance and you love alcoholic beverages, these questions are important to you. Here we will try to answer the first question and will show you a list of some of the most popular gluten free rum brands.

Is rum gluten free ? Is there gluten free rum brands ?

Let’s see the first question – Is rum gluten free? To answer these question we have to know what rum is and how it is made. Rum is a distilled alcoholic drink, which is among the favorite drinks of many people worldwide. It is made by sugarcane byproducts or by sugarcane juice. Fermentation and distillation play a key role in the production. The resulting “fresh” distillate is aged in wooden barrels (preferably oak).

As you see from the definition, rum is naturally gluten free. It is among the alcohol beverages made from ingredients that do not contain gluten and is accepted as safe to drink by people with gluten intolerance. But many flavored rums and pre-made drink mixes (such as piña coladas) may content gluten ingredients. Be careful with them. Always ask the manufacturer to find out if the product is gluten free.

So the answer of the question ” Is rum gluten free ?” is depends. Always ask the manufacturer.

What about gluten free rum brands? Many rum brands are known to have gluten free rums such as: Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, Bayou Rum, Captain Morgan Rum, Malibu Rum, Meyer’s Rum, Bundaberg Rum, Cruzan Rum. But you have to be careful with their flavored rums. Always ask them before consumption whether the specific flavored rum is gluten free.

See also a list of gluten free vodka brands and gluten free gin. There is a wide variety of gluten free alcoholic beverages. You just have to be more careful and more informed. Also if you prefer homemade products, you can make your own gluten free rum. There are many recipes and guides “how to make rum” online.

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