Is quinoa gluten free ?

Is quinoa gluten free ? Is quinoa flour gluten free? There are many questions related to quinoa that bothers people with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. Nowadays the market offers a really huge range of quinoa products – pasta, flours, desserts, breads, breadcrumbs, and much more. Which of them are safe gluten free food alternatives?
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Is quinoa gluten free? Is pasta, flour, bread and other quinoa products are gluten free?

The answer of the question “Is quinoa gluten free ?” is simple – YES. Pure quinoa do not contain gluten. Actually, it is one of the most preferable and healthy gluten free alternatives to wheat. Quinoa health benefits are famous all over the World. It is a unique natural product that very quickly became one of the most desirable foods for maintaining human health. Internet space is full of quinoa recipes and ideas how to incorporate it in your healthy and gluten free diet.

Quinoa isn’t really a grain. It is gluten-free seed, which come from the Andean region in South America. Fantastic source of protein, fiber, vitamin C and iron, quinoa also contains all eight amino acids. One of the main advantages of quinoa is its low glycemic index. It is it a very valuable food for people with diabetes and those who want to control their blood sugar levels.

As we mention above the answer of the question “Is quinoa gluten free ?” for plain quinoa is simple – YES, but the answer of the question “Are quinoa products (pasta, flours, desserts, breads, breadcrumbs and others) ?” is not so simple.

What is the problem?

One of the major problems related to quinoa products are cross-contamination. Many of the companies produce quinoa products in facilities that also process other gluten based foods. But also many companies and brands are certified gluten free and their facilities are safe without gluten products. So the best way to be sure that a quinoa product is gluten free is to consume products that are certified gluten free.

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