Is Brandy gluten free?

Is brandy gluten free ? Is it safe for people with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance? Some people may think that these are easy questions due to the fact that brandy and cognac usually are made from grapes. But there is a really wide range of brandies worldwide (such as blackberry, cherry, ginger, peach brandy) and many flavored brandies too. You have to be careful because alcoholic beverages are a complicated and tricky topic and many naturally gluten free alcohol drinks can contain gluten (because of added ingredients containing gluten during the manufacturing process). On this page we will pay particular attention to brandy and related topics such as: gluten free brandy brands and flavored products.

Is brandy gluten free ? Is there gluten free brandy and cognac brands?

To have a proper answer of the question “Is brandy gluten free ?”, we have to know what is brandy made of? Brandy is made from grapes. Brandy can be also produced from fermented juice of other fruits – apples, pears, cherries, plums, apricots etc. That is why naturally Brandy is considered to be entirely gluten free. (Cognac and Armagnac some of the most famous brandy varieties.  They are produced in the wine-growing region in Southwestern France. They are considered as pure grape-based brandy types.)

Despite the fact that naturally brandy is gluten free, there are some risk factors that you have to pay special attention:

  • Flavored brandy and fruit based brandy can contain additional ingredients with gluten (wheat based sweeteners for example). Before consume flavored or fruit based brandy always ask the manufacturer if the particular brandy is gluten free. There is a really wide range of flavored and fruit based brandies worldwide (such as cherry, blackberry, ginger, peach). It is made the question “Is brandy gluten free” more complicated. So be careful and ask the manufacturer.
  • Usually brandies are aged in oak barrels. Oak barrels can be an issue too, because there is a small potential of gluten cross-contamination. Oak barrels are sealed with a wheat or rye flour paste. Most people with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance have no problems with this, but there are very rare exceptions that people with a high level of sensitivity can have reactions.

So as a conclusion, we can say the answer of the question “Is brandy gluten free ?” is not so easy as it looks like. Pure natural brandy is considered gluten free. But you have to be careful with flavored and fruit based brandies and do not forget to ask the manufacturer before consumption. Ask even the most famous gluten free brandy brands about their flavored brandies.

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