Immune boosting foods

Immune boosting foodsThe strength of our immune system is very important for the resistance of our body against bacterial and viral infections. Allergic reactions and diseases are also associated with impaired immune system. How to boost immune system? In recent decades it has become clear that the immune system is involved in cardiovascular disease and cancer. So it is very important to eat healthy and to consume immune boosting foods. Don’t forget that drinking clean water is also an important prerequisite for a healthy immune system.
Which are immune boosting foods?

A list of immune boosting foods

  • Carrots. Excellent source of beta-carotene, carrots are very helpful for mucous membranes that separate the respiratory and digestive systems, thereby preventing a number of pathogenic organisms entering the bloodstream. Except carrots and other vegetables and fruits are very important for a healthy immune system. Mostly vegetables with dark green, red and orange color.
  • Yogurt. It is a source of vitamin A, protein and zinc, and of beneficial bacteria, which protect the digestive tract against pathogenic microbes. Yogurt is a great probiotic food .
  • Fish. Fish is a food rich in selenium, which helps white blood cells produce cytokines. These are proteins with a strong antiviral and antibacterial action. Salmon and other fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that inhibit inflammation.
  • Garlic. Although some people do not like the strong smell of the garlic, it actually contributes to good health,
    because garlic kills bacteria and viruses. Onion and leek are also immune boosting foods. They contain sulphides – sulfur compounds that not only enhance immunity, but also inhibit the growth of germs and reduce inflammation.
  • Pumpkin seeds are a great natural way to boost immune system too. Pumpkin seeds are recommended because they are rich in zinc, which helps white blood cells to fight diseases.
  • Beef and veal are ways to boost immune system. Zinc contained in it, plays a key role in the formation of white blood cells.
  • Mushrooms. They are a good source of vitamin D and very good immunostimulant.
  • Other immune boosting foods are sweet potatoes, turmeric, ginger, spinach, tomatoes, blueberries, berries, honey, cinnamon.

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