High cholesterol foods

High cholesterol foodsHigh cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolaemia) in the blood are dangerous, as it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. One of the main tools to fight high cholesterol is a change in diet and reducing high cholesterol foods. A healthy diet may : decrease or even eliminate some of the cardiovascular risk factors, help reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, lowering blood sugar levels and weight loss.

Which foods to avoid with high cholesterol?

A list of high cholesterol foods

Increased weight, cholesterol and triglycerides require low calorie regime. Which foods high cholesterol foods to avoid and limit?

  • Sugar and sugar confectionery – chocolate, candy, jam, ice cream;
  • Sweet drinks – carbonated soft drinks, syrups and nectars;
  • Eggs especially egg yolks are also among the foods to avoid with high cholesterol levels. Note that many other foods contain eggs, especially desserts and creams
  • Sausages, salami, bacon are high cholesterol foods. They all have a very high percentage of animal fat.
  • Mayonnaise. It also has a very high content of eggs or egg powder, so better avoid consumption.
  • Dairy products with high fat content.
  • Butter is also among high cholesterol foods. It is also a very rich in animal fats food.
  • Alcoholic drinks – including beer
  • Fatty meats such as steaks
  • Fast foods such as burgers, wraps, pizzas and sandwiches. They are often cooked in animal fat, and contain many products of animal fat – sausages, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and more.

Attention: Before following any diet, consult your doctor.

Types of cholesterol. Good and bad cholesterol. HDL & LDL

There are two main types of cholesterol:

  • LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol, which is the most likely cause of the formation of plaques and vascular obstruction. An increased bad cholesterol level in your blood is a sign of increased risk for heart disease.
  • HDL cholesterol is the good cholesterol. Thanks to him vascular walls are cleansed of bad cholesterol and reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease. It is better to maintain a high level of HDL cholesterol.  Therefore it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and cholesterol lowering foods.




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