Gluten free wine list

Here you will see how to make a gluten free wine list of brands. Let first answer the question: Is wine gluten free? This question includes all wines: champagne, brandy, cognac, sherry, port wine, and vermouth. Naturally wine is gluten free alcohol, because it is made from grapes. However, some aspects of the wine-making process can introduce gluten to the products. That is why making a list of gluten free wine brands can be a challenging task, especially with this huge range of wines on the market.

How to make a gluten free wine list of brands? Wine coolers.

As we mention, naturally wine is gluten free to 20 parts per million. What are the exceptions in wine making process? There are two main possible gluten sources:

  • Coloring and flavoring can be sources of gluten. They are mainly added in desert wines.
  • Any wine or liquor that is fermented or produced in an oak barrel can come in contact with the wheat paste that is used to seal the head of the barrel to the staves. The wine can potentially extract a very minute amount of gluten indirectly through the use of the barrel. The barrel aged wine will have this potential risk of gluten contamination.

Nowadays on the market there is a really wide range of wine brands. To make your own gluten free wine list ask the major wine manufacturers if:

  • they add colors and flavorings that contain gluten
  • oak barrels are used to age the wine
  • a paste that contain gluten is used to seal the oak barrel

There is a lot of discussion related to whether or not wine is gluten free and how to find gluten free wine brands. Generally wine is considered gluten free, but for sure ask the manufacturers the above questions.
Wine Coolers are not gluten free. The majority of wine coolers are made from barley products. However some companies make and offers specially gluten free wine coolers.

In your gluten free wine list you can include homemade wine. Search the internet and see how to make wine. It is not a difficult process and the wine will be 100 % gluten free.

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