Gluten free snacks

Gluten free snacks Orange Chocolate CookiesAngelic gluten free

  • The company offers a wide range of tasty gluten free cookies and biscuits.
  • All products are made in a dedicated free from bakery using natural ingredients, and are free from gluten, dairy, wheat and eggs.
  • The gluten free snacks assortiments includes: Sweet Cookies, Snack Size, Savoury Biscuits.


against the grain cookiesAgainst the Grain – healthy eating

  • All company’s cookies are free from Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Flavourings, Artificial Colourings, Added Salt, Hydrogenated Fats.
  • Against the Grain’ gluten free snacks range includes: Organic Chocolate chip and Hazelnut cookies, Organic Almond Cookies, Ginger Crunches, Berry Delicious Cookies, Organic Chocolate & Orange Cookies.


Gluten free snacks - Frank snacks barsFrank Honest snacking

  • FRANK bars are made with natural ingredients – such as whole grain oats, dates, dried plums.
  • FRANK bars are gluten, dairy and nut free. Also each bar containing almost 4g of protein per 35g bar.
  • The product range includes: Doble Chocolate gluten and nut free , Blueberry chocolate gluten and nut free, Strawberry flavoured gluten and nut free , Oat and chocolate.

Gluten free snacks - Lemon Butter ShortbreadKent & Fraser – natural baked goods

  • Kent & Fraser is a dedicated producer of all-natural, wheat and gluten free baked goods.
  • The company gluten free snacks range includes: Sussex Farmer’s Biscuits, Choc Chip Cookies, Stilton & Walnut Biscuits, Spicy Ginger Cookies, Chocolate Butter Crunch, Vanilla & Walnut Shortbread, Vanilla Butter Crunch, Lemon Butter Shortbread.


Gluten free snacks - Scottish Chocolate Chip ShortbreadLazy Day Foods – for people with food intolerances

  • Products with outstanding quality – gluten, wheat, dairy, egg free, no hydrogenated fat. The most products are suitable for vegetarians.
  • Delicious products for people with food intolerances.
  • Gluten free snacks range – Belgian Dark Chocolate Tiffin, Millionaires Shortbread, Belgian Dark Chocolate Dipped Ginger Snaps, Scottish Shortbread, Scottish Chocolate Chip Shortbread and more…


Gluten free snacks - Hand Cooked CrispsDarling Spuds

  • Darling Spuds offers delicious gluten free snacks, vegetarian friendly and completely free of any unsavoury GMO’s.
  • Gluten free snacks assortiment includes: Hand Cooked Crisps Crushed Natural Sea Salt, Gourmet Popcorn Sweet and Salty, Toasted Corn Kernels Sea Salt