Gluten free rolls

Sausage gluten free RollsDS-gluten free products

  • Great tasting gluten free food! the company’s foods are suitable for people with coeliac disease and people who are suffering from a gluten and wheat intolerance or allergy.
  • The line of gluten gree rolls includes White Ciabatta Rolls, Brown Ciabatta Rolls, Brown Multigrain Loaf, Sausage Rolls, Sweet Breakfast Rolls and Lunch Rolls.


gluten free RollsGlutamel – excellent foods for gluten free diet

  • The company is specialist in the production and development of gluten-free foods for Coeliac patients.
  • Glutamel products are made from 100% natural ingredients suitable for both gluten and wheat-free diets. Foods are also suitable for vegetarians.
  • The company offers the following gluten free rolls: White Rolls – great tasting part-baked bread gluten free rolls and Brown Rolls – perfect with your favourite filling or as an acompaniment to soup.


Pulsetta gluten free RollsPulsetta – truly nutritious, wholesome foods

  • Pulsetta provides completely natural products, with nothing artificial added for a healthy lifestyle. Foods are naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein and fibre.
  • Products are free-from most major allergens – gluten, diary, milk and egg free.
  • The company’ gluten free rolls are available in 3 natural flavours: Plain / Chilli / Mixed Herb.


Brown Seeded gluten free RollsBFree – tasty gluten free food

  • The company has developed a recipe that replaces the wheat and gluten and with natural ingredients…
  • The company’s gluten free rolls offers – Brown Seeded Rolls – delicious and tasty gluten free rolls and made with Toasted Sunflower seeds and Golden Linseeds. The company’s rolls are soft and fresh and you don’t have to toast.


Supersoft White Sandwich Rolls - gluten free RollsPureBred Bakery – tasty gluten free bakery

  • The company provides a wide range of tasty gluten free rolls and breads that are also wheat and dairy free and low in fat and high in fibre.
  • The company’s gluten free rolls assortiment includes Seeded Wholegrain Sandwich Rolls – high-fibre soft-seeded sandwich rolls with a crunchy seed coating and Supersoft White Sandwich Rolls – Soft high-fibre white rolls with a hint of olive oil.


Barkat Gluten Free Par-baked Bread Rolls - gluten free rollsBarkat – food for people with coeliac disease

  • All company’s products are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Barley Free, Rye Free and Oat Free.
  • Barkat focuses on providing a wide range of quality gluten free foods for Coeliac sufferers.
  • Offers gluten-free rolls : Barkat Gluten Free Par-baked Bread Rolls – Suitable for vegetarians too. Gluten Free Home Fresh Bread Rolls – Suitable for vegetarians too.Warburtons Brown Bread Rolls.Warburtons White Bread Rolls.


VIENES PANINI  - gluten free rollsProCeli – excellent diet for people with celiac disease

  • ProCeli offers a huge range of premium quality, handcrafted gluten-free products – bread, sweets, cookies and more…
  • The products are with gluten-free raw materials, natural ingredients, handmade and slowly fermented.
  • ProCeli specialises in developing new products for gluten-free diet, backed by the advice of a renowned team of gastroenterology specialists.
  • Offers gluten-free rolls: Gluten free Vienes panini – also Milk/Lactose free, Soy free, Sesame free, Nuts free and Low protein (<2%). Gluten free Hot Dog – also Milk/Lactose free, Soy free, Nuts free, Sesame free and Low protein (<2%).