Gluten free Gin

Is gin gluten free ? Is there a list of gluten free gin brands ? These questions bothers a large number of people with Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. Gin is among the most popular alcohol drinks. Here we will try to answer the first question and will show you a list of some of the most famous gluten free gin brands. One of the brands here also offers organic gin.

Is gin gluten free? Gluten free gin brands.

The question ” Is gin gluten free ?” has no a simple answer. It is a really complicated question.  Some of the most popular and known coeliac disease organizations and societies have different opinions and answers. Why?

Gin is a spirit that is produced by juniper berries and other plants that are soaked in distillate of grapes or grains. Like many other alcoholic beverages, gin is distilled mainly from wheat, but it can be also distilled from barley, rye, corn and other grains. You know that the distillation process removes enough of the gluten protein in alcohol drinks. However many people with coeliac disease react badly to gin. So the question ” Is gin gluten free ?” is really complicated and there is no a clear answer. You have to be very careful.

Many experts advice people with coeliac disease to consume only alcoholic drinks that are not derived from gluten grains. On the market there is gluten free gin that is made by non-gluten grains. You have to read the labels carefully and ask the manufacturer.

What about gluten free gin brands ?

Fortunately, nowadays the market offers a good selection of gin made by non-gluten ingredients. Here is a short list of some of the most popular brands.

According to their website: “Like our world-famous vodkas, our gluten free gin is made with whole Maine potatoes and the pure water of Maine’s Cold River. Using a recipe that dates back to the early days of British gin, we use our own secret blend of seven traditional botanicals that are steeped for the perfect amount of time to infuse the essential flavors. The end result is a true handcrafted American spirit that delights the true gin lover with a perfectly dry, exquisitely balanced and invigorating taste experience.” 100% potatoes gin. This is one of the most known and best gluten free gin brands.

According to their website: “Schramm Gin is one of a few rare Gins distilled from a potato spirit. True to our philosophy to produce authentic, distinct and regionally inspired spirits, we choose to use the Pemberton Valley’s finest organic potatoes to create our own organic spirit. We then add 8 Organic Herbs & Botanicals to the still and allow them to rest in the spirit before completing the Gin distillation.Following the tradition of a London Dry Gin, we do not add any sugar or colouring to the spirit following distillation.”

See also gluten free vodka brands and gluten free bourbon. Vodka is more consumed spirit and the market offers a wider range of non gluten vodka than gluten free gin.

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