Gluten free brands

Here you will find a long list of certified gluten free brands and companies that offer GF foods and products. Please feel free to suggest other brands in comments or via the contact form. The only condition is the brands to offer certified gluten free products. The list will be updated regularly with more companies.

Gluten Free Brands
Gluten Free Products
Full-flavored cookies, cereals, seed and fruit mixes, baking chocolate and more allergy-friendly bakery products.
Gluten free breads, buns, bagels, muffins, cookies, granolas, frozen meals,chips, pizza and crust, tortillas. 
Gluten free sandwich bread, pizza crust, buns and rolls, tortillas and wraps,toasts, ciabatta rolls.
Gluten free rice pasta – spaghetti, lasagne, shells, spirals, fettuchini, penne, fusilli, elbows  
Gluten Free Flour Mix (all purpose flour mix, seasoned flour mix, pancake and biscuit mix, brownie mix, cake mix).

Gluten free breads, pasta, flour, snacks, biscuits, cereal, rolls, pizzas, crispbread, pastry and much more.

Gluten free mixes – fortified mixes, sugar free mixes, cookie and brownie mixes, pan bar and cake mixes.

Gluten free bread, biscuits, cereals, cakes, croissants, muffins, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and products for children.

Gluten free sprouted flours (amaranth flour, millet flour, quinoa flour, black bean flour, brown rice flour and more).

Gluten free food, including breads, pizzas, hamburger buns, hot dog buns and stuffing mix.

Gluten free bakery products – breads, hamburger buns, brownie bites, bagels, and more.

A wide range of gluten free bakery products, beverages, candies, cereals, cookies.

Gluten free bread, cakes, buns, rolls, cookies, loafs, croutons, crumbs, pies and more.

Gluten free fresh, frozen and specialty bakery products breads, brownies, macaroons,granola bars, muffins, cookies, and more.

Gluten free biscuits made especially for babies – original, banana, vegetable, apple, and organic original.

Gluten free cookies (gingersnap, chocolate chip cookie, snickerdoodle, double chocolate chips)
Gluten Free CheeCha Puffs (flavors -tomato ketchup, crispy dill pickle, sweet cinnamon, triple cheese).

A great range of gluten free breakfast cereals, spreads, backing mixes, and gluten free bars.

Gluten free high fiber featured breakfast cereals (blend of ancient seeds with chia and much more.)

Gluten free cookies, chip cakes, banana bonaza, brownie bliss, and more gourmet desserts.

Gluten free shelf-stable breads, bread crumbs, pizza crusts, cookies, croutons, egg replacer, baking mixes and more.

Higher in fiber and lower in fat, calories and sugar gluten free breads, buns and rolls, and snack bars.

Gluten free cookies (chocolate chip, Izzy’s double chocolate, orange pumpkin seed, lemon coconut).

Gluten free super cereals, macaroons (chai spice, chocolate, coconut, vanilla, dark cacao and more), and chocolate sauce.

Gluten free breadcrumbs, cannoli shells, pizza bites, tiramisu, mozz.sticks, ravioli.

Gluten free Sandwich O’s Cookies (chocolate O’s, cinnamon O’s, vanilla O’s) and Square Cookies.

Gluten free cookies – chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, lemon, raspberry, vanilla and more.

Gluten free granola, granola bars, snacks, oatmeal, hot breakfasts, fiber powder and more.

Gluten free instant quinoa products – original, garden medley quinoa, chipotle quinoa, thai curry quinoa, and more.

A great range of gluten free cookies, pretzels, breakfast cereals and other products.

Gluten free superfood cereals – coconut maple vanilla, maca double chocolate, rosemary thyme sweet potato, banana chia and more.

Gluten free guaranteed pure oats as rolled oats, oat flour and whole oat kernels (groats).

Bread and rolls, cakes and treats (cupcakes, pastries and crumpets), pastry & pies and more.

Mac and cheese meal kits, mac & cheese meal cups, pasta, vegan pasta, celifibr soup cubes, pastato fortified pasta.

Muffins, cookies, cakes, flour blends, pancake mix, pie crust, biscuits, bars, iced brownies.

MiNiS graham bites, a wide range of crackers (herb, super seeds, onion, black paper), pretzels, cookies.

A wide range of granola products, cookie mix, and bulk products – almond flour, coconut flour, white bean flour, and more.

Pasta, bread and substitutes, flour, biscuits, snacks, sweets, cookies, cereals, and desserts.

A wide range of quinoa products. Pasta, ancient grain blends, mac and cheese, quinoa flour, quinoa flakes and ready-to-eat polenta.

Pasta obtained with corn flour – spaghetti, anelini, ditalini, rigatoni, fettuce, penne, pipe rigati.

Paleo backing mixes (cinnamon roll, rustic bread, hamburger bun,sandwich bread,multi purpose,croutons, baguette.)

Nutrition bars – granola crunch, almond crunch, berry almond, chocolate brownie, peanut butter.

Chips and bars – peanut butter, banana and almond butter, sunflower butter and chocolate, cashew butter and more.

Cereals, crackers,  french toasts sticks, granola, multigrain chips, pancakes, pasta,snack bars, pasta, waffles.

Handmade products – nutrition bars, raw chocolate, crispbread, crackers, sweet treats, cookies, rolls, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

A wide range of cookies – chocolate vanilla, kiwi lychee chocolaty, pomegranate hibiscus, soft honey ginger…

Savory breads, flatbreads, loaves, muffins, buns, pizza crusts, and our delicious sweet cakes.

A wide range of backing mixes, cookies, fig bars, whenever bars, graham crackers, biscotti.

Stuffing mix, cookies, horns, macaroons, croutons, bread crumbs, and more GF products.

Assorted rolls, bread crumbs, croutoms, desserts, backing mixes, home style stuffing, pasta, pizza.

A huge range of GF and raw nut butter truffles, granolas, nut bars, crackers, and cereals.

Granola oatmeal cups, GF flour, groats and steel cuts, oatmeal and a wide range of organic products.

Oat products – toasted oat flour, oat groats, oatmeal, mornings granola, hunger buster cookies.

Gluten free grains (brown rice, buckwheat, corn, millet, quinoa, oats), flakes, and puffs.

A wide selection of GF products – pasta, bakery products, flours, backing aids, sauces,snacks, cookies, gift boxes.

A wide range of wheat free and gluten free noodles – buckwheat, sweet potato, black rice, brown rice, thai rice, miso and more.

A great range of pasta – lentil pasta, green peas pasta, corn, brown rice, buckwheat, multigrain pasta.

F pasta sauce, salsa, pizza sauce,BBQ sauce, steak sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, juice, and more sauces.

BBQ sauces, beverages, condiments, dressings, miso, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, salsas, teriyaki sauces.

Pasta – brown rice spaghetti, capellini, lasagna, tagliatelle and cookies- chocolate, cherry, fig.

Tortilla chips, corn pasta, granola, animal cookies, granola bars, pasta salad, pasta sides, dinner kids, cookies and sauces.

Bean pasta, ready to eat pasta, noodle soup, thai rice noodles, thai rice pasta.

Pita bread, bagels, rolls, baguettes, pizza shells, pesto pizza, three cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza.

A wide range of pizza crusts – pepperoni, cheese, original, margherita, chicken sausage, two meat, italian sausage pizza and more.

Baking mixes, bagels and English muffins, breads, breakfast bars, chips, crisps, pretzels, cookies, wafers, crackers, pizzas, bread crumbs.

A huge range of products – biscuits, breakfast cereals and flakes, cooking and baking mixes, crispbreads, desserts, pasta, ready meals, snacks.

Manufacturer of dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan chocolates that actually taste like milk chocolate.

Backing ingredients, breads, cakes and pastries, cereals, cookies, crackers, snacks, flours and mixes, pizza shells, egg substitutes.

Toaster bags, English muffins, Italian bread, pizza, toaster muffins, cakes, bagels, pizza crust,

Brownies, brownie bites, rolls, cakes, cookies, chip cookies, cake loafs, pread crumbs, and more desserts.

Cookies (chocolate, cranberry, gingercrunch…), savoury biscuits, sweet oat biscuits, and snack packs.

Cookies (spicy ginger cookies, lemon butter shortbread, vanilla butter crunch, fig and hazelnut cookies), biscuits and savory toasts.

Gluten free snacks – hand cooked crisps with potatoes and toasted corn kernels.

Cakes – almond cake with daim, almond cake with caramel & peanuts, almond cake with Toblerone, cheesecake and more.

Diy gluten free flour blends, granola, breads, desserts and treats, and biscotti.

A wide range of gluten free chocolate and chocolate products – full size bars, mini bars, macaroons, and more.

Sliced breads (toast and loaf), buns and rolls, English muffins, pikelets, poppy seed bagels and more.

A good range of allergen free, wheat free, gluten free Rolls, wraps, loaves, bagels, and more.

A large variety of breads, breakfast cereals, pastas, cookies, biscuits, snacks, and flour mixes for all types of cooking and baking.

chips, Kids’ crisps, multi-grain crackers, multi-seed crackers, 7 ancient grains crackers, baked rice crackers and more crackers.

A huge range of GF pasta, bread, bread substitutes, desserts, cookies, cakes, biscottate, cereals and much more.

Bread, rolls, pancakes, oats and cereals, desserts, spices, seasoning, soups, pastas, specials for kids, meals and more.

Crackers (original, papper, onion,), flat bread (original, onion, everything), pizza (classic, diary free).

Bread crumbs, challah bread, mezonos bread, pizza pie, chocolate chips cookies, cinnamon cookies and coconut cookies.

Grains, mixes (cookie mix, cake mix, pizza crust mix, bread mix, pancake mix, brownie mix,), flours and seeds.

Sproated bars, flax snacks, cookies, bites, granola, seeds, chocolate, coconut crisps, salad snax.

Almond Butter, cashew butter, peanut butter, seed butter, packaged nuts, killer bee honey, clover honey, wildflower honey.

Offers a range of certified gluten free products – sauces, gravy mixes, dips, dessings, seasonings, and spices.

Brownie mix, bread and roll mix, pizza crust mix, flour blend, sugar free muffin mix, cookie mix, cake mix, pancake mix, soup mix.

Gluten free oatcakes, cheese oatcakes, herb and seed oatcakes, porridge oatcakes, muesli, biscuit breaks, wholegrain crackers.

Cereals, granolas, flakes, frozen waffles, soperfoods, seeds, granola bars, oats, superfood snack bars and more.

Pasta – multigrain blend of white rice, brown rice, corn and quinoa. Elbow, penne rigate, rotini, spaghetti.

A great range of cereals, crispy rice bars, flakes, cereals and more gluten free products for kits and children.

Offers a range of gluten free breads – ancient grains, cinnamon raisin, open sesame, ciao chia and more.

Organic sourdough bread, loaves, panini, pizza bases, cake, fresh flour, cakes, grains, baker boxes.

Breads, coconut flours, cakes, bread crumbs, muesli, rice cakes, rice syrup, Worcester sauce, sweets jellies, gums, lollies.

A great range of gluten free chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate chips. Allergen free chocolate.

Gluten free couscous, pasta (ravioli, penne, spirals, fettuccine, spaghetti, tagliatelle, lasagna, macaroni and more.)

Breakfast cereals – corn flakes, multigrain flakes, choco crispies, whole grain pillowls, bread crumbs, polenta and gluten free couscous.

A great range of crispbread – quinoa, multigrain, onion, buckwheat, cacao, figs, coconut, chestnuts.

A range of brads – amaranth, canihua, buckwheat, millet, sesam and more bread options.

Breads, buns, specialties, flour and baking mixes, biscuits and waffles, cake & cookies, muesli, pasta, pizza and other.

A great range of baking mixes – all purpose baking mix, hi-protein pancake mix, cake and brownie mixes, frosting mix, muffin mix and more.

Baking mixes, flour, doughnut mix, cake mix, pizza mix, brownie mix, cookie mix, pancake mix, xanthan gum, soups, flax seed and more.


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