Gluten free Bourbon

Is bourbon gluten free ? Are there gluten free bourbon brands ? Many people with gluten intolerance or coeliac disease wants to know the answers. But these are complicated questions and it is not easy to answer them.

Is bourbon gluten free ?  Are there gluten free bourbon brands ?

Lets see the first question: “Is bourbon gluten free ?”. Bourbon is a type of whiskey. By the definition bourbon is made from 51 percent corn. Naturally corn and maize are completely gluten free grains. But the other 49 % percent can be made by wheat, barley and rye, which are the main sources of gluten. Does it mean that there isn’t gluten free bourbon?

Actually the question “Is bourbon gluten free ?” is very discussed. Even the most famous trusted major celiac societies in the U.S. , Canada and UK have a different opinion about bourbon. Some of them thinks that bourbon is OK for people with gluten intolerance due to the fact that the gluten protein is removed during the distillation process. But there are experts who think that people with celiac disease have to consume only alcoholic drinks that are not made from containing gluten grains. This mean that bourbon is not allowed. These different opinions are confusing.

So, what to do? Is there gluten free bourbon or not ? It depends. Many people with gluten intolerance say that they can tolerate bourbon, but other says that they can’t. It depends on the level of sensitivity. You have to be careful!

Be careful with bourbon especially if you have coeliac disease. If you are a really big fan of bourbon the best option is to search for gluten free bourbon brands. That means brands make by 100%  corn based bourbon. Read labels carefully and ask the manufacturer. If you have Celiac Disease, be aware of the production process of the spirits.

What about gluten free bourbon brands?

One of the most famous gluten free bourbon brands is Hudson Baby Bourbon. It is known as 100% corn bourbon. See also gluten free vodka brands and gluten free wine options.

Attention: Always read the labels before consume any alcohol drink!

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