Gglutamel logolutamel – gluten free and wheat free

  • Glutamel is a company specializing in production of gluten-free foods for Coeliac patients.
  • The company’s foods are also suitable for vegetarians.
  • Glutamel products are made from ingredients that are 100% naturally free from gluten and contain no codex wheat starch.

Glutamel product range:

  • Rolls – White and Brown Rolls – great tasting part-baked bread rolls
  • Pizza Bases – Pizza Bases – light textured bases to make pizzas or garlic breads.
  • Petit Pains – White Petit Pains, Brown Petit Pains
  • Baguettes – White Baguettes, Brown Baguettes – great tasting part baked baguettes

Additional information:

  • Company’s  foods are made to NHS specifications and European standards and are approved by the UK Coeliac society.
  • Products are suitable for gluten, wheat-free and vegan diets.

Glutamel website: