Foods that cause indigestion

There are many foods that cause indigestion, gas, heartburn, burping (sometimes diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, growling stomach) and are related to digestive problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Here we will see a list of some of the most common hard to digest foods.
Although there are many treatments for indigestion, gas, heartburn and burping, it is useful to know foods that cause it. Avoiding some of them is a difficult task, but limiting them can really relieve many digestive problems.

A list of most common foods that cause indigestion

Though foods that cause indigestion can vary from person to person, certain food and drinks are more prone to cause gas, heartburn, burping, vomiting, growling stomach and sometimes diarrhea.

  • Fried foods are hard to digest foods and one of the main foods to avoid with gastritis. They contain high amounts of trans fat that can be harmful to the digestive system. These substances retard the digestion process, leading to gas and gas pains, heartburn, burping, growling stomach. Fried foods are among the most common foods that cause indigestion.
  • Foods high in fats. They also are in the list of foods that cause indigestion because they remain for a long time in the digestive system and may lead to increased pressure in the stomach. Better choice is to consume low fat foods, but not to completely exclude fats from our diet.
  • Alcohol. We are sure that you know alcohol is one of the main digestive problem triggers. It is known that the abuse of tobacco and alcohol, contribute to indigestion, heartburn, gas, burping. Eating large meals, along with a lot of alcohol predisposes to complication of indigestion too.
  • Hot spices – definitely one of the most common foods that cause indigestion and foods that cause gas too. Hot spices are delicious but it is better to avoid them especially if you have digestive problems. Avoid chili sauces and chili peppers. Take care of your stomach by limiting the use of spices. Thai and Indian cuisine contain large amounts of hot spices.
  • Meats also are hard to digest foods. Fatty steak needs a large amount of gastric juice for processing it. Replace it with chicken, turkey or fish, because they need much less hydrochloric acid in the stomach grinding.
  • Caffeine and chocolate. Although coffee acts as a natural laxative, the high amount of caffeine leads to digestive problems such as heartburn and burping.
  • Sweets (high-fat butter cookies, brownies,…) are in the list of the most popular foods that cause indigestion and gas too. Biscuits and cookies contribute to the creation of an acidic environment in the stomach. They also contain preservatives and artificial coloring that irritate the stomach.
  • Carbonated drinks. They are one of the main causes for many digestive issues such as: gas, heartburn, burping, growling stomach. The level of acidity in carbonated drinks is very high and that is why doctors recommend to avoid them.
  • Dairy products are some of the most common foods that cause indigestion. They are high in fats and lactose. Low fat dairy products and lactose free milk and cheese are good alternatives.

Attention: Before following any diet, consult your doctor!

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