Foods that cause gas

Foods that cause gasGas, bloating and heaviness in the abdomen are common problems for many people. They can be provoked by various medical conditions, but the reason for their appearance may be the consumption of certain foods that cause gas.
Everyone has gas. Normal healthy people evolve gases more than fourteen times daily. Excessive accumulation of gas in the intestinal tract, known as flatulence is a common complaint.
When we eat, our digestive system processes food for energy. But certain foods are difficult to digest and particles of them fall into the intestine. Intestine contain many bacteria which cause fermentation of these particles, resulting in the formation gases, bloating and bloated stomach.
What foods cause gas and bloating? Each person’s body reacts differently to different foods. Some people have no problem with the processing of milk and milk products, while for others they are foods that cause gas, discomfort and bloated stomach. To find out which foods are not good for you, note when swelling occurs.

A list of foods that cause gas and bloating. Bloated stomach.

  • Legumes – beans, peas, lentils. They cause gas and bloating because of the high content of complex carbohydrates. But these foods are very healthy for the body.
  • Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are vegetables that cause gas and bloating. They are very healthy for humans, as they contain vitamins and minerals.
  • Carbonated water and soft drinks, especially sugary and grape juice can cause bloated stomach too.
  • Healthy for the body dried figs, fresh apples, pears and peaches also form gas in the stomach and intestines. This is due to they contain sugar.
  • Onions and turnips also foods that cause gas and bloating, unless they have been heat-treated
  • High fiber fruits such as pineapple, grapes, berries, bananas can be gassy too. Fiber in these foods are not easily degradable.
  • Very fatty and very spicy sauces can be foods that cause bloating and bloated stomach too.
  • Foods that contain starch can also be difficult to digest. These include: wheat, cereals, potatoes and corn.

Not all of these foods will cause you gas. You may find quite different foods that cause gas for you. Note that bloating problems are produced by certain drugs too, prolonged chewing gum or fast food.

The fact that some fruits and vegetables cause gas, does not mean not eating them. They are healthy because of vitamins and minerals in them. If you have problems with a lot of gas and bloated stomach, consult your doctor.

Attention: Before following any diet, consult your doctor.

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