Foods high in vitamin A

A list of foods high in vitamin A

Foods high in vitamin AVitamin A is fat soluble, essential for the proper functioning of our body. It is necessary for good vision, participates in growth, strengthens the immune system and keeps the skin healthy and beautiful. Vitamin A deficiency leads to eye problems, dry skin, brittle nails, tear hair. Lack of vitamin A leads to a so-called nightblindness since it is involved in the synthesis of visual pigment.
Vitamin A stimulates the synthesis of adrenal and sex hormones and increases the body’s resistance to cold andinfectious diseases.

Foods high in vitamin A are:

  • Liver is one of the greatest foods high in vitamin A . The liver is extremely nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals. The most delicious is steamed or fried with herbs and onions. Turkey liver provides the largest dose of vitamin A.
  • Red peppers are foods high in vitamin A too . One tablespoon paprika provides targets 369 international units of vitamin A. It can be used as a spice in very many dishes.
  • Sweet potatoes are foods high in vitamin A . They are light in color and are also filled with vitamin A. They contain more valuable vitamins, such as C and B. Sweet potatoes are characterized by a low glycemic index, which makes them very suitable for people who suffer from diabetes. They are perfect for trimming and vegetarian dishes.
  • Carrots are foods high in vitamin A. Cooked or raw carrots are an excellent breakfast, 100 grams of them provide a daily dose of vitamin A to the body.
  • Leafy vegetables. They are foods high in Vitamin A and foods high in calcium.
  • Pumpkin. Food rich in vitamin A. The daily dose you can get from 100-120 grams pumpkin.
  • Black lettuce. Contains significantly more vitamin A than green lettuce. It can be prepared delicious salads.
  • Dried apricots. They are excellent for breakfast and dessert. 100 g of them provides the daily dose of vitamin A.
  • Melon. Also contains a lot of vitamin A. Cantaloupe is a source of vitamins E, C and B group, as well as valuable elements – potassium, pectin and cellulose.

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