Foods high in lysine

Foods high in lysineLysine is an essential amino acid that is not synthesized in the human body. We take lysine through foods. Lysine is involved in the construction of important antibodies, hormones, enzymes, in the structure of bones, muscles and tissue repair. Eating foods high in lysine, means to take care of our health.
It has been found that lysine is active against herpes virus. Lysine can not cure or destroy herpes into the body, it has another mechanism of action. Lysine tends to stop metabolism of arginine – another amino acid, which is necessary for the herpes virus to reproduce. In this sense lysine act against herpes “in vitro” by preventing the creation of an environment for its activation and development. It is necessary to clarify that food containing both arginine and lysine. We should know which are foods high in lysine and foods high in arginine.

A list of foods high in lysine

  • Fish is a great source of lysine. Turbot, Atlantic salmon, swordfish, anchovies, eel, whitefish, mullet, bluefish, carp, pike, cod are foods high in lysine.
  • Dairy Products are foods high in lysine too. All kinds of cheeses are suitable – Swiss, Edam, Gouda, Roquefort, parmesan, goat’s milk cheese. Butter, cream and ice cream made from milk and cream are high lysine foods too.
  • Meat also belongs to foods high in lysine. It is recommended to choose meat that involves more muscle fibers and less fatty tissue, hams, shoulders, loins. Suitable meat is beef, chicken, turkey and liver.
  • Some fruits are also good sources of lysine as papaya, mango and avocado. Useful in this regard and apricots, apples, pears, figs. These fruits are a source of lysine and in dried form.
  • Lysine foods are beet and red tomatoes

Foods high in arginine. Herpes virus.

Food high in arginine facilitate the reproduction of herpes virus. Rich arginine foods are nuts, seeds, garlic, rice, chocolate. This does not mean that these products should be avoided by people with herpes virus, but it is recommended to limit their consumption or to be take them with other products that balance the amount of arginine with enough lysine.

Attention: Before you follow any diet, consult your doctor!

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