Banana health benefits

Banana health benefitsBananas are extremely healthy fruit nowadays available worldwide. Bananas have a huge amount of potassium, which is very necessary for the proper functioning of muscles, heart, brain, liver, bones and teeth.
Bananas also contain water, starch, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins C, B1, B2, E, minerals, fiber, pectin.

Banana health benefits:

  • Rich in Potassium. One of the greatest Banana health benefits. Potassium drain excess fluid and tones the heart. Along with the sodium, potassium transport essential nutrients. Potassium is vital for the proper functioning of muscles, liver, heart, brain, bones, teeth.
  • Magnesium. One of the greatest Banana health benefits.Magnesium is a component of many enzymes. It takes care of the good interaction between nerves and muscles.
  • Amino acids. One of the greatest Banana health benefits. Bananas contain amino acids – components of protein and fiber / as pectin/. They protect against diarrhea.
  • Banana strengthens the stomach lining and helps prevent heartburn and ulcers. They stimulate the recovery of cells and mucus, building a stronger barrier between the gastric mucosa and acid. Banan also stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel.
  • Bananas contain vitamin C, A and B – complex.
  • Cosmetics. Bananas are used alone or in combination with other foods for refreshment and rejuvenation of aging skin. Absorbs well on oily skin.
  • Banana is very useful for people who have digestive problems because it contains fibers that are soft and do not irritate the stomach. Furthermore, they help to discharge of harmful substances from the stomach.
  • High levels of tryptophan. Bananas Carbohydrates interact with certain amino acids and stimulate the production of serotonin. It helps overcome depression and stimulate good-mood.

Calories in Banana: 105-121 calories depending on the size.
Eating every day of bananas can have benefits for the whole body and help for healthier eating and living . They are so delicious and yummy and can be eaten alone or in a mixture with other fruit. There are so many delicious banana recipes on the Internet. Just pick and eat healthy.



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